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Laboratory Scientist

to the NF Labs

The NF Labs is an extension of our work with students and our goal of inspiring the next generation of neuropassionates. Our work allows a select group of students to conduct research while receiving guidance from professors, medical students, and Ph.D. students in the field. 



Exploring if use of beta blockers for preoperative hypertension compared with calcium channel blockers and diuretics, affect the incidence of adverse surgical and postoperative outcomes, in EDH patients. 

Cognitive decline in Latin America

Creating recommendations for dementia patients. 

Encephalitis in Asia

Creating a proof of concept presentation vaccine for the Japanese encephalitis virus. 

Bethel Nuts Use in the Solomon Island

Creating recommendations for school based programs to combat bethel nut use. 

Mental Health in Canada an United States

Creating a mental health survey to access effectiveness of school based mental health programs. 

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