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Quarantine Neuroscience

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

In a world where a virus claims to dictate our daily lives, it can often seem difficult or overwhelming to unclutter our minds from the chaos around us to focus in on the things that matter to us. For you and me, that is Neuroscience.

You may be a student in high school or middle school who was looking forward to your summer neuroscience program. Or you may be a college or graduate student who is currently studying the subject but had to forfeit your neuroscience research/internship opportunity. Either way, each of us has lost opportunities to dive deeper into exploring neuroscience.

Even during these uncertain times, it is important for us to look for ways to continue pursuing our passions. This is certainly a daunting task, which is why I have collated a list of avenues through which you may continue learning about neuroscience.

Online Learning

  1. : EdX is an amazing platform to take free online neuroscience classes by professors at top universities. They have long and elaborate courses that consist of videos, reading, quizzes, and discussions. Their courses are free but you may choose to pay a fee to earn a certificate.

  2. : Udemy has a long list of neuroscience courses that are offered at a fraction of their original price. It is very convenient as you can complete courses on your mobile devices as well.

  3. : Coursera is another amazing website that corroborates various neuroscience courses from different universities in a single place. Their courses are free but you may choose to pay a fee to earn a certificate.

Volunteer/Work Opportunities

  1. : Volunteer Match is a great way for you to look up online volunteer opportunities that match your interests. They will show you a list of organizations/groups that offer volunteer opportunities related to your interests.

  2. : Catchafire is similar to the website above and also helps you look for virtual opportunities that match your interests. These opportunities may include volunteering, internships, research, or part-time/full-time jobs.

The opportunities listed above are a few of many. I sincerely hope that you find this resource useful during these uncertain times and that you are able to utilize them to your advantage.

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