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The Neuroscience Foundation is a student-run organization that aims to engage students interested in neuroscience from across the world. We bring students resources, connections and opportunities to explore and dive deeper into the vast fields of neuroscience and psychology. Getting involved with our organization will allow students to grow intellectually and personally through our various educational and humanitarian approaches.

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Our NeuroMission and NeuroVision

Neuroscience for All, Everywhere...

Mission Statement

Our goal is to establish a worldwide community of passionate individuals in neuroscience who collaborate to provide young students worldwide with opportunities for education, networking, mentorship, service, and advocacy in the field. We place particular emphasis on reaching underrepresented groups in neuroscience.

Vision for Neuroscience

Our vision is to foster a world where young students are filled with confidence and empowered to pursue careers in neuroscience. They will play a significant role in advancing research and development within the field and harness their potential to enhance access to neurological care for vulnerable populations worldwide.

Our Work

How are we building bridges to create tomorrow's NeuroPassionates?

At The Neuroscience Foundation, we believe that receiving the proper support and guidance can transform an already bright individual into so much more. We are here to be that support system, and help our audience reach their fullest potential. At the Neuroscience Foundation, we strive to go above and beyond with the opportunities that we connect students with and provide.

Here are a few ways we plan to do that:

  1. Online/In-person panel sessions with professionals spanning the field of neuroscience.

  2. Opportunity to connect with mentors for internships and research opportunities.

  3. Experience in writing scientific papers and publishing.

  4. An in-depth exploration of careers in neuroscience and psychology.

  5. Volunteer opportunities.

  6. Supporting free clinics through drives, donations, and fundraising.

  7. Raising awareness on brain and mental disorders.

  8. Educational opportunities such as summer classes and informational webinars.

About : Our Mission


Neuroscience for All, Everywhere...

High Fives


One of our primary goals is to connect students with resources available in their locality or easily accessible online. We aim to connect students to professionals in their fields of interest in hopes that they gain first-hand perspectives that will help them.


As a student-led organization, a key pillar to successful functioning is collaboration. We strive to create a platform for equality of knowledge and bring other groups and organizations to the table to share interesting perspectives. We also hope to collaborate with cohorts of health professionals in the field of neuroscience to provide students with a wide variety of information.


Since our organization is based on healthcare, science, and medicine, it comes as no surprise that our #1 priority is to serve our communities for the greater good. We plan on supporting free clinics and mobile clinics across the globe through awareness campaigns, donations, and fundraising to advocate for and assist those in need.

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