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The Vagus project

We reimagine the way neuropassionates learn about neuroscience by redefining the roles of students and educators. The Vagus Project brings you the most interactive and discussion-based opportunities for you to learn about neuroscience outside of the traditional classroom.

The Vagus Project is a great platform for people to converse and hold conversations on a variety of topics. That is the model, in order to promote a safe and engaging online space where individuals from all levels can interact with each other. The Vagus Project team creates relevant categories for our community of neuropassionates to discuss, share information, and exchange opinions.


Engage in our seminars full of diverse topics and engaging conversations covering all aspects of neuroscience. Through a discussion-based approach, learn from others' perspectives and share your own, all while racking up on neuroscience knowledge!


Work with us on researching neuroscience topics and making important correlations. Join us at many research workshops to learn from surgeons, scientists, medical students, and undergraduates about their research experience! 


Peruse through our blog to learn about current research and innovations in neuroscience. Participate in competitions and contests hosted by us to get an opportunity to test your knowledge at work while continuing to grow!


Meet fellow neuropassionates and engage in healthy discourse. Learn and share important facts and opinions with your peers. Join us as we work with other neuroscience organizations to bring diverse opportunities for learning to you!


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Our free collection of graphics and information-oriented summary sheets to help you study neuroscience easily!

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Book Reviews

Looking for book recommendations? Check out our collection of reviews to learn about books that might interest you!

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Panels & Podcasts

Here, you will find the recordings of all panel sessions, interviews, and interactions with all our partnered professionals.

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Neural Beats

Our free collection of study music for students to use when studying. 

Browsing in a Bookshop


Take a look at our collection of original books and literature. 

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Coming soon!

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